Floor Grilles

Underfloor heating in the form of a trench and floor grilles is an effective, attractive and space saving way to heat your conservatory. Our cast iron floor grilles are available in two different designs of varying lengths and are painted with a black low sheen finish. They sit on a brass edged angle support, above a trench set within the floor.

Floor Grilles - Harston
Floor Grilles - Harston
Harston Floor Grill Dimensions
Floor Grilles - Bitteswell
Floor Grilles - Bitteswell
Bitteswell Floor Grill Dimensions

Floor Grille Heating Systems

There is a choice of two different heating systems to use with our floor grilles; Type A is finned copper pipes, while Type B is finned electric convectors. Trenches are run around the conservatory or orangery in a design of choice, which the heating elements are then placed within. Floor grilles are then placed on the top of the trench, allowing the heat to be circulated around the room, while creating a decorative feature within the room.

Type A - Finned Copper Pipes Connected To Existing Heating

The finned copper pipe system allows you to utilise the heating system that is used to heat the rest of the property by simply spurring off the existing pipes. While this allows you to add heating to your conservatory without investing in an entire system, the compromise is that the conservatory cannot be heated independently to the rest of the house, which may not be ideal when you just need to heat the conservatory a little but the rest of the house doesn’t need heating. We supply the finned copper pipes in 1 metre lengths, however you are able to cut these to any length that is required.

Type A Underfloor Heating

Type B - Electric Finned Convector Heating

The electric convector heating system is a complete standalone system, with its own thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature of the conservatory or orangery independently to the rest of the house. As well as using the thermostat to operate the heating, you can also operate it manually or with a timer.

Type B Underfloor Heating

Diagrams And Layouts

Floor Grilles Design Layout

How To Order Our Floor Grilles

Floor Grilles - Harston

Angled Floor Grille22.5° 207mm x 270mm x 12mm
417mm Floor Grille417mm x 270mm x 12mm
373mm Floor Grille373mm x 270mm x 12mm
Square Floor Grille270mm x 270mm x 12mm

Floor Grilles - Bitteswell

649mm Floor Grille649mm x 306mm x 12mm
945mm Floor Grille945mm x 306mm x 12mm

Floor Grill Supports

Aluminium Angle Support Frame With Brass Inset - £95 Per Metre (Both Sides)
Angle Support End Jointing Piece - £85
Angle Support 90° Corner Jointing Piece - £96
Angle Support 22.5° Corner Jointing Piece - £94
Deflector Plate - £18 Per Metre

Heating Elements

Aluminium Support Brackets - £25
Double Finned Heating Elements - £210


If you would like to place an order, please either download our Supply Only Order Form from here or call 01476 564433.

Design & Manufacture Package

Floor Grille Design And Manufacture

For clients who are purchasing a conservatory through Vale, or perhaps just need a little assistance with their floor grilles layout, we are able to provide a complete design and manufacture package.

The first step in this service is you providing us with a few pieces of information, including an accurate shape and dimensions of the room the floor grilles will be fitted in, the type of heating system you would like to use – which we are able to provide advice on and the style of floor grille that you would like to use. From this, our CAD technician will create a detailed scale drawing which will indicate the suggested layout of the trench and floor grilles, as well as all the information a builder will need to create the necessary trench.

This drawing is then used internally at Vale to cut and manufacture all the components for your system. This is then manufactured here at Vale to ensure a perfect fit, before being dismantled again ready for transport to you, where it can then be reassembled without the worry of components not fitting.

The cost of this service depends upon the size of the room and the layout that you decide upon for floor grilles.

Product Supply Only

As well as the complete design and manufacture package that we offer, for those who would like to construct their own system, all of the individual components can be purchased direct from us. If you would like to place an order, please either download our Supply Only Order Form from here or call 01476 564433. All lengths will be left slightly longer than the finished size you provide us to allow for final cutting and joining on site.